CR 2025 3 volt knapcelle batteri

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CR 2025 3 volt litium batteri


Provide excellent continuous power.

Can be used with toys, calculators, laser pointers, calculators, cameras, clocks, watches, computers, games, digital cameras, camcorders, PDAs, remote controls, electronic instruments, MP3 players, digital voice recorders, blood glucose meters, cholesterol testing meters, LED lights and other electronic appliances.

High energy density, long life expantancy.

Also known as: 2025, ECR2025, BR2025, DL2025, KCR2025, L12, NA, 208-205, BR2025-1W, CR2025-1W, LM2025, 5003LC, ST-T14, LF1/2V


Lithium CR2025 Battery

Voltage: 3V

Diameter: 2cm / 0.78''